verse-re-rhymes - for Vocal Quintet, live performance by E21

​​​August 2016 interview with Syzygy Ensemble for their premier performance of Ode To Damascus.​

Syzygy Interview

September 2016 interviews for Syzygy Ensemble's premier of ​Flute, Clarinet & Cello trio Neheh ​at Macedon Music as part of the Geln Johnston Composition Award

Cut Common Interview

Rehearsal Magazine Interview

Soundcloud Links

​Ode to Damascus (2016) 

Syzygy Ensemble

Our Space - Melbourne Recital Centre, 2016


Robin Meiksins

Online 365 Day Video Project, 2017​​

Bugs - for Cello Duet -  3MBS Live at the Convent

The Storyteller for Solo Violin

... echoes of Part’s Fratres ... alongside Bachian snippets and folk like sonorities.​​

​Alexandra Mathew,

Limelight Magazine August 2014 

Premiered by Kat Tsyrlin as part of Forest Collective's July 2014 performance art piece The Garden


Daydreams & Nightmares - for Brass Quintet: Josh Rogan ensemble

On The Inside - performance for International Women's Day 2016

(Podcast) Making Conversation - Interview with Matthew Lorenzon
Featured works: On The Inside (2016) and verse-re-rhymes (2009)
Released 12th May 2017

Making Conversation podcast interview


May Lyon

Joseph Lallo

Her Lover's Shadow - Grant Street Theatre, Melbourne Conservatorium of Music, 2018​​

​Echo (2018) 

Ensemble Goldentree

​Soprano - Alison McIntosh-Deszcz Horn - Tim Hannah

Con Femine - Carlton Church of All Nations, 2018 

Dash (2009) - Alto Saxophone (arrangement by Jospeh Lallo), & Alto Flute 

On the Inside for Flute, Clarinet, Cello & Piano 

"... a journey of developing harmonic and rhythmic nuance. Beneath this fine instrumental writing is a sophisticated critique of notions of beauty and gender roles."

Matthew Lorenzon,

Partial Durations 30th March 2016