​​August 2016 interview with Syzygy Ensemble for their premier performance of Ode To Damascus.​

Syzygy Interview

September 2016 interviews for Syzygy Ensemble's premier of ​Flute, Clarinet & Cello trio Neheh ​at Macedon Music as part of the Geln Johnston Composition Award

Cut Common Interview

Rehearsal Magazine Interview

Soundcloud Links

May Lyon

verse-re-rhymes - for Vocal Quintet, live performance by E21


On the Inside for Flute, Clarinet, Cello & Piano 

"... a journey of developing harmonic and rhythmic nuance. Beneath this fine instrumental writing is a sophisticated critique of notions of beauty and gender roles."

Matthew Lorenzon,

Partial Durations 30th March 2016  


The Storyteller for Solo Violin

... echoes of Part’s Fratres ... alongside Bachian snippets and folk like sonorities.​​

​Alexandra Mathew,

Limelight Magazine August 2014 

Premiered by Kat Tsyrlin as part of Forest Collective's July 2014 performance art piece The Garden

Daydreams & Nightmares - for Brass Quintet: Josh Rogan ensemble

Dash - Solo Flute - Youtube recording by Robin Meiksins on Alto

Bugs - for Cello Duet -  3MBS Live at the Convent

On The Inside - performance for International Women's Day 2016