Her Lover's Shadow

Dash (2009) 2018 arrangement by Lallo

Joseph Lallo - saxophone

22nd September 2018, New Music Studio, South Bank, Vic.

New Stage

The Phoenix Piano Trio (2010)

2nd May 2018, One Velvet Morning, Clifton Hill, Vic.

Con Femine

Echo (2018)

Ensemble Goldentree

​24 March 2018, 7pm, Carlton, Vic.

Cybec 21st Century Australia Composers Program

Ignition (2017) Dedicated to the memory of Petr Hanzak

Melbourne Symphony Orchestra, conducted by Tianyi Lu

21st February 2018, Southbank, Victoria

A New Voice

The Fate of Phaethon (2017)

Ensemble Goldentree 

7th  October 2017, Richmond, Victoria

Day 366
​Neheh (2016)
Robin Meiksins and friends
30th October 2017, Chicago

Should Auld Acquaintance - Scotland and Australia 
A Winter's Journey (2013) 

Icon Trio
21st May 2017, Elsternwick, Victoria

Making Waves - Social Activism Waves: March 2017

On the Inside (2016)

Tamara Kohler, Gemma Tomlinson, Aaron Klein, Adam McMillan

Making Waves March Playlist

Scandinavian Masterpieces

Nornir Concerto (2016)

Kat Tsyrlin (Violin & Viola) and the Zelman Memorial Symphony Orchestra

27th November, Healesville;  3rd December 2016, Xavier College Kew

Macedon Music - Glen Johnston Composition Award

​Neheh (2016)

Syzygy Ensemble

18th September  2016, Macedon

Our Space

Ode to Damascus (2016)

Syzygy Ensemble

​11th August 2016, Melbourne Recital Centre

​​From Edinburgh to Barwon Park

Winter's Journey ​(2013)

Icon Trio

1st May 2016, Winchelsea

This Will Be Our Reply - International Women's Day Concert

On the Inside (2016)

Rubiks Collective: Tamara Kohler (flute) and Gemma Tomlinson (Cello)

Plus, Aaron Klei (Clarinet) and Adam McMillan (Piano) 

7th March 2016, Melba Hall, The University of Melbourne

​​​​​2019 MSO Snare Drum Award

Phosphorus (2018)

​Entrants for the 2019 Snare Drum Award

- Link to Application page

2019 - date TBC

Iwaki Auditorium, 11 Moore Street, Southbank, Vic.

Pieces of Margery (2018) 

More than Opera - Musical Director: Alan Cook

Chamber Opera, premiere performance 

26th April 2019, 7.30pm & 28th April 2019, 2.00pm

The Oratory, Abbotsford Convent, Abbotsford, Vic.


An opera that looks at the personal and interrelationship issues of 60-something couple Margery and Leonard when Margery is diagnosed with Dementia. With both serious and lighter moments, Pieces of Margery looks at our fears surrounding change, vulnerability and strengths, and how both a deeper understanding and bond can grow when we are challenged and learn to accept help. 

Recent Past Events

​​Concerts at St George's - Friends of Music

Echo (2018)

Ensemble Goldentree - Alison McIntosh-Deszcz & Tim Hannah

Compositions for Horn and Soprano duet, preceded by a solo concert by pianist Raymond Shon

4 November 2018, 3:30pm

​​St George's Anglican Church, Travancore, Vic.


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